maandag 29 april 2013

20 Steps and a Bracelet

Isn't it a lovely Blue- & Grey-combination, these 2 pictures?

2 Little doves on a distance of 4 mtrs. from the house. Sitting and 'kissing'
on the rail of our balcony
a new bracelet in my Springtime Collection!
I hope you like it!
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maandag 22 april 2013

20 Steps Outside my Door

There is a lovely cherry tree just a few meters behind the house, in our backyard...
The temperature in The Netherlands, was far to low during a long long period.
But it's finally getting better :-) It's changing, it's time for springtime!!!

We had some sunshine during a few days, and look what happens to the tree.
I't starts blossoming. I love♥ the soft pink color of the little flowers so much,
I hope you like it too... So, enjoy and have a nice week,
with lots of colourful moments!
I'm a member of a group of Bloggers who will write every Monday about what happens
20 Steps outside their Doors... please follow the links below
to find more pretty pic's♥ and/or beautiful text!

maandag 15 april 2013

Color Combo Challenge

Week 124. 
All those beautiful Blues, I love them!
Here's my small contribution for this week...with homemade
beadcaps and glass beads.
A lake, snow on the mountains, a waterfall...

vrijdag 12 april 2013

Participants of the 7th. Bead Soup Blog Party

Look what a wonderfull map Lori made on this rainy day in The Netherlands.
Here you find all the countries the 541 participants are coming from!
Just follow the link below this picture!

♥ all the participant's countries♥

Little raindrops on a rainy day in The Netherlands...

woensdag 10 april 2013

♥ Challenges - Uitdagingen ♥ 

Het is zo leuk...
In de wereld van het sieraden maken kun je je hart ophalen aan 'uitdagingen '
op Internet! Zit je soms een beetje vast met ontwerpen dan helpt dit enorm!
Het begint met Armband Luru op 23 februari.  Daarna volgt
de Bead Soup Blog Party, zie mijn vorige posting. Nu lopen er nog 3, Pretty in Pink,
het Color Combo Challenge Event en de Hats Off Challenge.
Heerlijk om je fantasie te kunnen laten gaan! En, de eerste 2  in voorjaarskleurtjes!
Wordt vervolgd...
Color Challenge group week 123.
Pretty in Pink - Blogger Non Blogger Challenge & Color Challenge Group week123.

 It's so much fun! There are lots of Challenges to be found on the Internet.
When you got stuck and /or  having a designers block :-) join a group! It all started
with bracelet Luru (posted on Februari 23) then cameThe Bead Soup Blog Party,
pictures posted in the blog before this one, and now I'm joining the CCC Event and the Blogger Non-Blogger Challenge, using Springtime Colours in the jewellery.
The Hats Off Challenge is the next one...
To be continued!