maandag 1 december 2014


My Black and White Victorian Challenge...
Since I'm "on FaceBook" I see many many stunning Art pieces -
made by Moriah Betterly / Blu Mudd passing by on the screen of my laptop...
Long time, one of the things I wished to do was, being able to 
participate in one of their Challenges...

And yes, there came the opportunity to do so, so I jumped in.
No idea what I ordered... the content  of the box was a surprise! 
Later on I saw a picture and found out what is was...
It took quite a while before it arrived in The Netherlands.
I love the Cameo! It remembers me of my mother, she liked to have
them in her jewellery... The colours of the pieces are a bit green- dark greyish,
so I added lots of small Kazuri beads in matching colours, freshwater pearls
 and facetted rock crystal for ☼ the sparkling effect ☼
I used a very simple design to let the Cameo get all the attention she deserves.
The bracelet matches with the necklace. This jewellery will complete
my ♥ lbd ♥ at Christmas, I will love to wear it in a few weeks!
Merry X-mas to you all...