maandag 30 juni 2014

'The Age of the Dragonfly'

One of my favourite Summer Insects is the Dragonfly...
With  her gorgeous colours and elegant feature she is a welcome visitor
in our garden and the country side we live in!
I love the transparency of her wings so much...
For many many people she's the symbol of a great loss of a beloved person or pet. 
What a beautiful thought...
This month - in the Bead Soup CafĂ© @ FB -  a picture of the dragonfly is
challenging 'us' to design and create jewellery or another something special...
Appr. 25 ladies are participating and show their stunning contributions to the group.
Here's my small contribution, well... 2 pieces!
A leather bracelet, with a homemade (-: dragonfly focal in German Silver
- embossed and inked. Some Agate beads in matching colours are added.
I made this sweet little bracelet with Olivine beads, Cloisonné,
some Jasper and a sterling Silver dragonfly. 

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