zaterdag 11 april 2015


Alenka’s Butterflies Birthday Blog Hop & Giveaway

 To start this blog with dear Alenka, - here is her weblog - I hope you had a
great birthday and many many more beautiful  years to come!

Like you I missed the blogging too, and I was happy  to find your post on Facebook,
thanx so much for starting and organizing this hop. The Butterfly Theme you chose
is such a lovely one, with a very special and symbolic meaning for so many people.

Since a few days  it’s Springtime in The Netherlands, with loads of ☼ Sunshine ☼
this week Friday! I love it, and even already spotted some butterflies in our garden
and in the woods near our house… 
For the jewellery I made, I used the embossing & deco etchting technique
and used alcohol ink to add some color. The blanks are made of bronze, I
heated the metal to make it a bit easier to work with. Here is the result,
a pair of earrings and of course, a bracelet. There's always a bracelet :-)

There are 19 participants, come and see  how they worked out this amazing theme.
Have fun visiting their blogs and admiring their great work.
 Alenka (our hostess) ♥

Monique, Beti, Kathy, Kepi, Christine, 
Amy, Dini -that's me- Cynthia, Alicia, Sheila, 
Therese, Rebecca, Rachel, Liz, Ana, 
Jasvanti, Carolyn and Nan