dinsdag 1 juli 2014

My Country  Blog Hop, this is where I live… Welcome!

There’s a small little town in the countryside, in the middle of The Netherlands… 
That’s the place where hubby and I live, and we  love – love -  love it.
has a special something, it’s somewhat remote even.

But… Surprise!
In 5 minutes driving
we are on the highway, and able to go anywhere
crisscross  the country. Which is easy, because our  country is quite small!
In another 5 minutes we can visit one of Unesco’s World Heritages,
the former island of Schokland -

...look! Its really worth to read the info! So beautiful.

We live near a (former) harbour, close to the Ketelmeer.
And enjoy  the  colours of the water...
That’s a great source of inspiration
for designing my jewellery too.  It’s lovely to see the world around us changing,
every season, again and again! To see the birds, the flowers and sometimes
the fight of wind and water, when there’s a storm.

And yes, when there is something on my mind, It really helps to take a long walk!

Let me show you some pictures of this beloved place (-:

I made some beads inspired by the colours around me, these are covered with Sunshine
and made a necklace with them, photographed in normal day light.
I hope you enjoyed this virtual visit, thanx for passing by and have fun
visiting the other participants. 
Here is Nan's List :-) with the links!