zaterdag 10 mei 2014

It is that Special Time of the Year - again…  
Time to celebrate The 8th Bead Soup Blog Party - 2014!

Thanx to our sweet hostess Lori, (though still having so much health issues,
I’m so sorry) it’s possible to participate in this Event.
Thank you so much Lori for all your efforts to keep the party going!
Take care, I wish you all the best!

I was very surprised by the Soup Saskia Letta sent to me, so many colourful
and phantasy full  made glass beads.
Here is her weblog  
She sent  me lots of lovelies…   
Packed in a small sweet toilet bag, some chocolate Easter bunnies added.
They are gone… as you will understand, loooong  time ago!
 Because I am a glass bead maker too, I decided not to add glass beads to
my ‘jewellery- to- be’. I  also did not send glass beads to Saskia for that reason.
Her beads really  ‘don’t need much’. They draw a lot of attention because of the
vivid colours and their shape. So I kept it simple, what wasn’t so easy for me… 
I only added some matching 'gemmies' and silver beads. 
A necklace was born! Here I also used the beautiful silver clasp.

 Some beads were left... A sweet little crown,  and a small statue??? bead ?
Some beads could imagine a dress, maybe??? Okay, let’s make the statue bead
become  a focal, a princess. Wearing a long dress… 
And princesses need silk of course, so I gave her a silk ribbon 'to wear'…  
She can dance for hours in this way!

There were only a few beads left. For matching earrings? 
Yes, as a finishing touch! I lovetheir teal colour! With some silver beads, 
bead caps and chain maille rings they look nice,
the sterling silver ear hooks completed my design!

 Dear visitors, enjoy visiting the blogs of the other participants.
There are approximately 490 participants! In 30 countries, 48 states,
and North America, Asia, Europe and Australia as continents.
Have tons of fun, and thank you for visiting my weblog.
Here is the link to visit all the other participants.