dinsdag 17 september 2013

Patina Sunset Challenge

And there's another Challenge ...
It's really a Challenge by itself, to get all the ones done that I chose! :-)
This time I made some very 'basic' jewellery. Working on
getting nice colours,
that's my goal, mixing ink and gilders paste.
After the drying process, the jewellery got sealed.
This is ring Magenta, made with stainless steel wire.
A Vintaj button ring with a little vintaj glass button on top,
that's all it is :-)
Click to enlarge 
The pendant is silver plated, and can be opened to put the blank
 -made of alpaca- inside. Every day another one if you like so!
With the Big Kick & the Vintaj Deco Emboss Celtic Weave folder
I gave it a nice pattern.  Again I used ink & gilders paste, trying
to get some colours, matching with this time of the year.
So... may  I introduce my pendant La Tène, in warm Autumn tones to you...

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Thanks♥ for visiting my Blog!
September 18th - Deadline to submit
September 19th - Voting closed
Oct 1st:  Bead Chat Magazine Feature
It was really nice to participate, being a winner or not :-)
Let's wait and see who won this challenge... 

maandag 16 september 2013

Kristi Bowman’s Wonky Bead Blog Hop  - Reveal Date September 16

 Wow, it took my wonkies -made by Kristi and here is 
 her Etsy shop - only a few days to travel from
Snohomish (US) to the Netherlands. The postman made me very happy
with the delivery only 6 days after my order.
Are they special… and wonky
. They are characterful  and don’t need

much additions. At least not in the way I want to design the jewellery.
3 Pieces, that’s my goal! The beads speak for themselves,
they just need a little ‘something’.
Since the beginning of September I’m  ‘playing’ with stainless steel wire,
it’s so much fun. Some parts of the jewellery are hammered.
To my first piece -Berries & Cream- I added some Agate, Rose Quartz,
Beryl, a little Ruby, Crystal and a Fresh Water Pearl. This necklace is mine,
and will go very well with my lbd with its pink accents!
click to enlarge
In the second piece I worked with the gold coloured and the
fuchsia coloured bead, still on my beading table after having finished piece nr. 3.
What to do with them? Well… with the Agate beads I suddenly had a bouquet
of Autumn Roses ;-) the wired Rose clasp is the finishing touch!
click to enlarge
Tetouan was 'a piece of cake', blue, brown and a chocolate brown silk ribbon,
no doubt about that colour combination. A lot of wirework, but the bronze

wire was not that difficult to work with.
 click to enlarge

So, Kristi, thanks to you I had a great time! Thanx♥ for organizing the Hop.

Let's wait and see the creations of the other participants  :-)
Click here...  the link is active until the 21st of Sept.

zaterdag 7 september 2013

DeTeal Goddes...# de 9de ronde

Opnieuw een  schitterende Blogger- Non Blogger uitdaging via
Facebook, de Teal Goddess. Kijk eens wat een kleuren!
Rita, van Toltec Jewels heeft deze Challenge
georganiseerd en ik vind 'r ♥prachtig...
Zoveel felle, stralende en sprankelende kleuren, wat mooi!
Hoe pak je die? Ik heb het geprobeerd.
Met Chalsedoon, een glaskraal van eigen hand,
Sodaliet, Labradoriet
 en kristalletjes. Met draad werken -wire wrapping- is iets nieuws
voor mij, waar ik veel plezier in heb.  
Elk onderdeel is met elkaar verbonden en 'ingepakt',
met glanzend rvsdraad, gewirewrapped :-)
Hier is het eindresultaat:
Click to enlarge :-)
Rita blogde over de Challenge, volg deze link om er over te lezen!

En vandaag 16-09 nog méér informative over prijzen en winnaars :-)
Kijk hier maar eens! Veel plezier op haar weblog!

En... ik heb een prijs gewonnen -the Hostess Choice- met nog een
groot aantal anderen, een kraal van Rita!
Wat gaaf... Thanks Rita!