vrijdag 28 juni 2013

June 29th - My country, of Thee I bead!

What a great Challenge this one also is!  Thank you Nan Smith for this great idea
for the Blog Hop as well as for organizing it.  
Another one  in a row of Challenges, this summer@ Facebook.
The theme is ‘My Country of Thee I bead’. Well, my country is The Netherlands. 
What pictures you have in mind, when thinking of The Netherlands?  It’s a country 
with a lot of touristic attractions like famous museums with paintings of
Rembrandt &Van Gogh, the House of Anne Frank, tulips, daffodils,
windmills, canals, and delicious Gouda cheese.
And… our flat flat scenery! Could I bead of that? Yes, I could, but there
is more… In April we had the coronation of our new King, Willem-Alexander.
Finally a King, after having  a Queen as a head of our state for 107 years!
Click to enlarge

At the coronation, his mom Princess Beatrix, his wife Queen Máxima, and
the 3 little princesses  were wearing lovely ‘Royal Blue’ dresses. I picked that
colour to make some glass tulips, here they are :-)
The orange facetted Agate beads I choose  because it’s the colour
of our House of Orange!

Click to enlarge

Maybe you like to see a bit more of the coronation?

Watch this small movie (appr. 4 min). on Youtube:

I hope you like the necklace and the little in’s and out’s behind my story!

Have fun reading the blogs of the other participants!



dinsdag 25 juni 2013

Inspired Design Challenge No. 2 - Spring Hyacinth
 Lori Bergmann is the great organiser of another (for me) new Challenge,
thank you  so much Lori. Her biweekly Challenge is 'defiant',
and I’ll try to participate as often as possible. It’s fun!
When looking at her photo I got touched  by the very intense colours
of this beautiful hyacinth, I could almost smell it! Every year when seeing this flower,
I  know it soon will be springtime with hopefully ☼ lots of sunshine…

My contribution is a simple one, a bracelet in hyacinth-‘ish’ colours,
the 2 glass beads are made by me. The blue kyanite beads are going so well
with the colours of the hyacinth, that was my first thought when searching
for beads in my stash! 

I added some Shell Pearls, Abalone, rough Lapis Lazuli
chunks and Montana Rock Crystal beads. The green colours you find
in the glass beads and in the Abalone charms.
In Greek Mythology there is a story about Hyacinthus,
just follow the link  if you like to read it...


Click to enlarge :-)

zondag 16 juni 2013

It's Sum-Sum-Summertime!

Thank you so much dear Rita / Toltec Jewels,
for organising this Summer Elements Blog Hop!

That was a ♫ great song ♫ in the past, do you remember it?

For me, every season has something special...

what I like about this time of the year is the warmth of the sun, and
the long long summer's evenings with lovely temperatures!
And not to forget all the bright, shiny, vivid colours of beautiful summer flowers.
Some flowers attract a lot of butterflies, I love these dreamy little creatures.
They inspired me to make Necklace Mariposa. The 2 glass bead
butterflies and some glass discs are made by me.

The gemmies are Jasper combined with facetted Agate.
Focal: made by Birgitta Lejonklou
Have fun you all, hopping and visiting all the other participants!
For this you can follow the links...
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