maandag 1 december 2014


My Black and White Victorian Challenge...
Since I'm "on FaceBook" I see many many stunning Art pieces -
made by Moriah Betterly / Blu Mudd passing by on the screen of my laptop...
Long time, one of the things I wished to do was, being able to 
participate in one of their Challenges...

And yes, there came the opportunity to do so, so I jumped in.
No idea what I ordered... the content  of the box was a surprise! 
Later on I saw a picture and found out what is was...
It took quite a while before it arrived in The Netherlands.
I love the Cameo! It remembers me of my mother, she liked to have
them in her jewellery... The colours of the pieces are a bit green- dark greyish,
so I added lots of small Kazuri beads in matching colours, freshwater pearls
 and facetted rock crystal for ☼ the sparkling effect ☼
I used a very simple design to let the Cameo get all the attention she deserves.
The bracelet matches with the necklace. This jewellery will complete
my ♥ lbd ♥ at Christmas, I will love to wear it in a few weeks!
Merry X-mas to you all...

3 opmerkingen:

  1. Beautiful necklace, Dini. That cameo is wonderful and i love your combination of black, white and clear! I'm sure you'll be the belle of the ball at Christmas in your LBD and this stunning work of art!

  2. Via Facebook;

    Made by: Dini Bruinsma
    Top 10 placement holder

    Marianne Strijker, Dorret Reints-Kleene, Lia Steffens-Jansen en 56 anderen vinden dit leuk.

    Ank Nienhuis Van mij krijg je 10 stemmen...

    Robin Kae Reed Beautiful!

    Shalini Austin beautiful!

    Wies Voesten Mooie combinatie van kleuren en materialen, Dini!

    Jos van Leuven Yvonne en ik vinden het allebei leuk. Telt dit nu voor twee stemmen?

    Alison Salzman Love it Dini, your colour choice is stunning as ever

    Kathy Zeigler Lindemer I like your color choices.