dinsdag 11 november 2014

Falling on the Edge of October

Sparkling Rocks

Today is the day for the Reveal of the
“Falling on the Edge of October" Jewellery Design Challenge &
Blog Hop.
Yes… another Hop hosted by Rita – Toltec Jewels- 

‘We’ are all challenged to create a piece of jewellery, with one of the
beautiful sparkling rocks lampwork beads (made by Maryse Fritzsch-Thillens)
the featured artist of 
Glass Bead Art Lampwork.

Rita sent each participant a bead, how sweet is that!
Mine never arrived, that can happen ✈ on its long ✈journey :-)
But I was very lucky having enough time left to buy some
in Maryse’s Etsy shop in Luxembourg.  
November 1.

Yes, we are ‘Falling on the Edge of October’…into November :-)
We’re still surrounded by stunning sunsets and beautiful flowers.
These colours go so well with the beads!

For creating the bracelet I used 1 orange  and 2 purple sparkling rocks.
I added some raw amber and matching beads
from The Curious Beadshop on Etsy
When I took my picture, the sun was shining
so the amber and the beads are really glowing!   
Lovely Sparkling Beads
Here's the list with the other artists’ names, have fun and
enjoy seeing what they designed with their orange sparkling beauty!

Featured Artist: Maryse Fritzsch-Thillens

Toltec Jewels  (hostess)

Shai Williams

Sherri Stokey

Lindsay Starr

Kelly Rogers

Jennifer Reno

Melissa Trudinger

Marybeth Rich

Andrea Frank

Sondra Jackson

Robin Reed

Kathleen Breeding

Heather Richter

Gina Hockett

Mindy Shell

Debbie Rasmussen

Tammy Adams

Paisley Lizard (*you are here*)

Carolyn Lawson

Nan Smith

Evelyn Shelby

Jasvanti Patel

Linda Anderson

Dini Bruinsma

Margareta Saari

Lori Schneider

Robin Showstack

Karin Grosset Grange

Chris Eisenberg

Heather d-Entremont

Linda Younkman

Janine Lucas

Sheila Prosterman

Veralynne Malone

Kelly Hosford Patterson

Divya N

Deb Fortin

Klaudete Koon

Carol Briody





4 opmerkingen:

  1. Your bracelet is gorgeous, I love the different combinations you used orange and purple, glass and raw amber.

  2. You have such a lovely combination of colors and forms and all the beads glow, charming!

  3. Love the pure hue light the stone emit - great choice of stones

  4. Lovely bracelet, the amber with the sparkling stones are an excellent combination!!