zondag 11 augustus 2013

Pepita's Blogoversary and…
a very
  Yellow!!! Yellow!!! Fish

Alenka Oblin celebrates her ‘First Blogoversary Blog Hop’.
She does it  in a special way with a giveaway for 13 persons.
I’m One of the Lucky Ladies, so I do my Happy Dance!
About two weeks later, my present arrives.
I was looking at a ‘very yellow gold fish’ :-0 for quite a while
and wondered what to do with it…??????? 
It’s so not a ‘Dini colour’ :-)))))


But I really, really love♥ the shape and the way
Alenka made the pattern on it. It has an Oriental touch,
it’s so beautiful. It reminds me of  the movie ‘The Last Emperor’
with lots of silver and gold coloured royal clothing and furniture etc.
And then comes the inspiration, those are the colours I’m looking for.
‘Silverish’ Gold!
I decide to use my good old Gilder’s Paste! German Silver it will be,
and start to ‘paint’ the fish. It works perfect for me. When it’s hardened I
spray a coating on it, my fish is ready! Citrine-, Crystal Glass-, Shell -,
Carved Agate-, Glass beads, a gold coloured link and last
but not least 2 homemade bronze connectors put the finishing touch!
A bracelet is born…

Click to enlarge please... 
May I proudly present ‘Bracelet Cheng’, Chinese for ‘Accomplish’!
I choose the Chinese name because of the link to the movie,
My Dutch dictionary translates accomplish in ‘finish off’ and that’s
what I did. It was a real challenge, transforming the original colour of a
piece the artist has chosen into something I (and who am I?) would like to see.

Alenka, I hope you like the transformation, the bracelet now  fits to me,
I’m sure I’ll wear it very often, with ♥Love.  
Thanks once again for your lovely gift!

Here's the participants list:

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27 opmerkingen:

  1. OMGosh, it is divine, Dini! I never would have thought of that... yes, I use Gilders, but this opens my eyes to so many possibilities! The bracelet is an amazing mix of colours and textures. Love it!

    1. Hi Monique, thanx for your sweet words! It was a kind of an experiment :-)the GP. And an eye-opener for me as well that it can be used on polymer clay... Have fun when playing with it in the future!

  2. Hi Dini,
    I just love how the bracelet turned out and I like the story around it as well!!! And I'm happy it is something you will love to wear!
    Thanks again for participating in my blogoversary celebration!

    1. Thanx! It's my pleasure Alenka, I had a good time at my beading table, it was great fun to participate!

  3. It's amazing! I really love the bracelet.

  4. I loved the bright yellow of the component's original colour, reminded me of an imperial robe on display at the ROM. Changing the colour works in your wonderful finished design.

    1. :-)Thanks! I can imagine you did love the colour of the robe Jo-Ann, we saw it irl too. It was sunshine!

  5. Great job Dini. The gilders paste sure transformed your clay piece.

  6. what a transformation! and a stunning conclusion .... really beautiful piece

  7. Thanks so much, we all had our ideas to transform / translate Alenka's pieces into our own world of designing & creating. Great to see the varieties!

  8. Some private FB Comments:

    * Janny Loosman: Gaaf visje Dini!

    * Ine Andreoli: Hij/zij is mooi!

    * Ellen Nelis van Die: Het is prachtig geworden! De andere deelnemers ook bekeken, maar jij staat hoog in mijn top 3 :-)

    Dank jullie wel!

  9. You really did transform your beautiful clay piece into something you will treasure. Beautiful bracelet!

    1. Dolores, thank you, so sweet! And... I was so ♥impressed by the beauty of your necklace :-)

  10. This bracelet is really beautiful. I love your creativity with the component and the whole piece!

  11. Dini,it is a gorgeous bracelet with a great design with unusual shapes. Changing the colour of the pendant was creative and a classy bracelet was the result from breaking the rules. I would keep the primitive colour because I love yellow but there aren't many yellow lovers out there. Have a great week, Ana

    1. Hi Ana, you're right, yellow is not the 'easiest' colour :-) I like it, the way you write about 'breaking the rules'. It really felt like that... Thanx for the ♥compliments!

  12. Wow gorgeous bracelet, what a great idea and the outcome so worth it.

    1. I'm happy you like the outcome :-) & thanx for the sweet comment! I learned to play with PC after this little adventure :-)

  13. How lovely! You always make such beautiful pieces, and this is no exception. I just love the silverish-gold color! :)

  14. Thank you Jenny for this big♥ compliment! I can return it, I admire your creations too :-)

  15. I think you were very brave changing the colour - it is a hard thing to make a decision like that, what if it goes wrong!?! But wowee - the german silver looks awesome! You've made an absolutely stunning bracelet. Amazing

  16. Thanx Nelly, I did not want to hurt Alenka's feelings, so... Thanx for your ♥ compliment :-)