woensdag 9 december 2015

History Hop Paleolithic Style

Thanks Leah, for hosting this wonderful weblog. You chose such an unusual but great
theme. I learned a lot about the people, their art and their way of living
in the Paleolithic period . It was fun, creating some 2015!!! jewellery,
based on that era. I
t was not easy, it was quite a challenge!

When you know me a little, you know that I’m fond of designing bracelets :-)
So here is another one. May I introduce bracelet Ayla to you…
The components are some small meteorites and glass beads.
All made by me. I used colours as seen in the rocks of places I visited in the past,
and in pictures I’ve seen on the internet. I did try to make a little Venus
and an hand axe, well…  a sort of, fom that period.

The ring topper is made of glass as well, I gave it a ‘prehistoric look’.
 I even tried to do some rock painting. On a shell,  it can be a pendant…
Shells were used as a type of jewelry during that period, it inspired me to
decorate one in this special way!
Thanks for visiting my weblog (-:
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9 opmerkingen:

  1. Oh, Dini, these are beautiful! And even more special because you made the beads. I love the venus and the hand axe! I made hand axes, too, but from polymer clay. I imagine yours were much more difficult. Thank you so much for being a part of this challenge!

  2. Oh, and the shell with the bull painting...perfect!

  3. Those are some cool beads. Love that pendant, and the way you drew on the shell. Nice job!

  4. Your beads are gorgeous and the designs fantastic, how clever and creative! Your painting on shell is fabulous.

  5. All beautiful Dini but I especially love the painting on the shell. You have captured the Fell of the cave paintings so well. =)

  6. What beautiful beads and I am totally in love with your shell painting.

  7. Beautiful, beautiful! Everything is simply gorgeous... Those beads, the painted shell--I'm incredibly impressed! :)

  8. What a wonderful work! I like so much the shell painting and your lampwork beads are so beautiful.