maandag 18 februari 2013

Black Suede Shoes

Ik heb na lange tijd weer eens schoenen gekocht. Dat doe ik niet eens zo vaak :-)
Met rozen, deze keer wow! Daar past de armband (uit mijn collectie
Angaza by Changes) 
met Zilver uit Ethiopië mooi bij. Met Onyx, Bergkristal en Agaat.
From time to time I buy a pair of shoes. Not even so often :-) With some roses, wow!
The bracelet  (part of my collection Angaza by Changes) is made with Ethiopian Silver and
goes very well with the shoes, doesn't it? I added some Onyx, Rock Crystal and Agate.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Love the bracelet and the shoes!!! I don't buy shoes much just for work. I am so glad to get to meet you here! I really don't know anything about the Netherlands, I hope to learn a lot from you!!! Have a blessed Day!

  2. Hi Robin, on my Facebook page you'll find a lot of pictures I made of flowers, snowfall, ice on the IJsselmeer (a lake) etc. I started photographing last year, since autumn... More pics to come :-)Have a blessed Day too.