woensdag 13 februari 2013

Soup's ready...

Gisteren is mijn Soup veilig bij Birgitta aangekomen, met daarna een hele lieve reactie van haar
op mijn Facebook. Zelf heeft ze daar (onwetend) 'haar' 4 glaskralen gekozen door een
'Vind ik leuk' te plaatsen :-)  Ze gaat vandaag op haar blog schrijven over wat ik haar stuurde. 

Hier is mijn Soup:

Met een paar bonbons natuurlijk!!! Altijd lekker.
Thanx Birgitta for the pic's of the chocolates.
I wrapped them and forgot to take a picture :-(

En... een paar uur later was Birgitta's Soup er ook en wat voor soep, echt hééél erg mooi...

Birgitta received my Soup yesterday, and sent me a sweet  message on Facebook.
In a way she picked 'her' glass beads herself by liking them there...
Today she'll write on her blog about the Soup from Holland.
At the top of this blog you see the picture of what I sent, to start with delicious chocolates!


And then...
a  few hours later, Birgitta's Soup arrived, and what a Soup it is, I'm flabbergasted!

Look!!!! How beautiful... I really really love those colors and materials!

The recipe...
I see 2 amazing ceramic focals and a sweet little flower (made by herself) and so is the 
copper clasp! A leather cord, some wooden beads, freshwater pearls, silk, agate, copper beads, a vintaj chain necklace and lots of little gemmies...This really inspires me.
Birgitta says:"Dini, I hope you find something you like in this soup".
It's not something I like, it's everything!

I want to get started!
NOW :-)

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  1. Reacties
    1. :-) thank you Shalini, I love that part of designing and jewelry making so much, mixing and matching until you like the result...

  2. Oh how beautiful!!! -- and the chocolate looks soooooo good!

    1. Can't you come over? I've got some more...
      you're very welcome!

  3. Stopping by visiting all the blogs taking part in the bead soup cant wait to see what you make!

    1. Thank you Siobhán, I just started following your blog! :-)