woensdag 3 september 2014

Let's talk about ♥FRIT baby, let's talk about ♥that and me...

Since I bought my first little bag filled with those tiny little chips of glass,
I fell in love with frit! It colours my beads and my days!
Imagine, you can design with whatever colour of glass you want,
with whatever colour or kind of  frit you like.
The outcome is always a surprise!


You can 'draw' with it, dip in it with a glass blob,
or roll a glass bead in it. Mixing & matching glass and frit!
The possibilities are endless...
That Frit Girl  -Here is her shop - was looking for
volunteers to test some new frits, a while ago. I responded and
the testing began last week...  It was so nice, playing!
The beads with the frit I have been testing so far, can be found
on her website.  Together with lots of other beautiful examples made
by different fellow bead makers!
That Frit Girl, Leslie, wrote about her 'new tester' me :-)
on her blog, and she's also on Facebook showing her blends etc.

Have fun admiring the beautiful frit and all the beads showcased
when visiting her site and blog!


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