zondag 24 augustus 2014

Twice as nice, Holiday / Christmas in July…
14th Non Blogger -Blogger Design Challenge

 l Iearned a lot during these last 2 Challenges, organized by Rita / Toltec School of Jewelry. 
I have seen ( a for me) totally new kind of Chicklet. And now I’m  celebrating
Holiday I
n July  
in The Netherlands,  for the very first time J
  After searching on Google what
it means, it’s clear to me!
It was fun designing and creating my ‘X-mas’ pieces, at 20 something degrees Celsius! 
I choose the ‘Sparkling Holiday’ Theme, I love crystals  silver and
freshwater pearls
☼. And teal -ish and blue-ish colors too.

My first piece is a pair of earrings,
made with facetted rock crystal and a few Jade hand cut leaves.
The ear hook is made of Sterling Silver. Very wearable, the whole year round
The second piece is a bracelet – yes, there is almost always a bracelet present in
my challenges!!! – I used Shell pearls, freshwater pearls, facetted Aquamarine,
Angel Stone, Moon Stone & Opalite ……
The center piece is a ceramic button, made by Birgitta Lejonklou. She became
a very good FB Friend since the 7th Bead Soup Café Party last year,
and let me tell you, we chat a lot!
Last but not least, my third piece, it’s a ring topper on a sterling Silver ring.
The ring has a screw on it, inside the topper is a bold.  I made  it with Moretti soft glass,
some silver glass and decorated the topper with murini and a big swirl!  I’m having my X-mas party on the beach!
Three!!! pieces this time, made in 1 theme. A great Challenge!
Thanx for hosting this one Rita, and see you on FB and...
in the upcoming Challenges next month.


Wow, and I won2 prizes!!! Lucky me!
Here's the link  if you like to read about it

and see the beautiful pieces of the other participants!

Here is the list with the names of all participants on FB or on the www.
  1. Toltec Jewels - http://www.jewelschoolfriends.com/   Our hostess...
  2. Renetha Stanziano - www.lamplightcrafts.blogspot.com
  3. Dini Bruinsma -  http://angazabychanges.blogspot.nl ♥ you are here...
  4. Tammy Adamshttp://www.paisleylizard.com/blog.html
  5. Blanca Medina - http://www.peru-medesigns.com
  6. Chris Eisenberg - www.wanderware.blogspot.com
  7. Krafty Max - http://kraftymax.blogspot.com
  8. Robin Kae Reed www.willowdragon.blogspot.com
  9. Kathy Lindemer  - http://bay-moon-design.blogspot.nl/
  10. Marde Lowe - www.fancimardesigns.blogspot.com
  11. Andrea Glick - http://zenithjade.blogspot.com/
  12. Lee Koopman  http://stregajewellry.wordpress.com/
  13. Natalie Davidsonhttp://www.northshoredays.com/
  14. Lili Kristhttp://pcbylik.blogspot.com/
  15. Lori Anderson -   http://www.prettythingsblog.com/
  16. Tami Norris
  17. Klaudete Koon
  18. Ginger Hammond www.facebook.com/lynnleighdesigns
  19. Kathleen A Breeding http://99bobotw.blogspot.com/
  20. Veralynne Malone www.veradesigns.blogspot.com
  21. Shalini Austinhttp://jewellerybyshalini.co.uk
  22. Gloria Allen Designs - http://wingsandbeads.blogspot.nl/
  23. Sheila Prose - http://catswithbeads.blogspot.com
  24. Cheri Reed

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  1. Dis you make the ear wires too. Your earrings were lovely, and you friend's button too. The ring was very unique.

  2. You did some beautiful work here. Ordinarily, the first choice I would make is a bracelet, but I have to say that ring is gorgeous! I love it.....the color, the sparkle.....the design. Both of the others are beautiful also but the ring is my pick!

  3. Just a note, most of the links here seem to go through faccebook, please check it out

  4. Lovely work. You definitely captured the spirit of the challenge as well as the colors. Those earrings are something I would wear every day. Beautiful.

  5. A beautiful interpretation of the theme and I am in love with the earrings!